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St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church was officially organized May 31, 1950 by a group of twenty-three dedicated workers. In 1990 the present structure was erected. The church has had three pastors to serve that have each contributed to the development of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church. Though the challenges were not always easy, both the congregation and the current pastor, Rev. Clifford Matthews Jr., continue to walk by faith knowing that our God Can! The church has fourteen ministries that serve faithfully to meet life challenges in the church and the surrounding community.


  • In 1950, 23 dedicated persons gathered under a tent on May 31st to officially organize the church. 

       John Able, Sallie Able, James Adams, Rebecca Calloway, Sammie L Calloway Joe Kinard, Frank Mackey, Laura Mackey,              John Moore, Aaron Moore, A.J. Moore, Elijah Moore, Mattie Moore, Mattie Poole, Daisy Stitt, Rev. J. H. Watts, Maggie              Watts, Fred Winchester, Ed Woodward, Henrietta Woodward, James Young, Mary Young and Ray Lee Young       

  • Rev. J. H. Watts was called to be the first pastor of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church 

  • August, 1953 Rev. L. D. Parker was called to be pastor of St Luke Missionary Baptist Church. He served faithfully for thirty-nine years.

  • Under his leadership of Rev. Parker and the members were able to build a church in August of 1954.

  • The church increased in size and value after the purchase of several lots.

  • The membership increased from 23 members to 700 members and several ministries were organized.

       Ministries consisted of Deacon and Trustee Board, Ushers and Nurses, Ministry Society, Pastor’s Aid, Church Aid,                    Senior Choir, Adult Choir, Hymn Choir #1, Hymn Choir #2, Gospel Harmonettes, Royal Ambassadors, Young Adult                  Choir, Jr. Hymn Choir, Laymen League, Prayer Meeting, Men’s Choir, and the Men’s Auxiliary.

  • A “Breaking Ground for The New Church Building” service was observed by the church family.



  • In December, 1990, Rev. LD Parker and members marched into the new edifice 

  • Pastor Parker served as moderator of the Lane Creek Association and during his tenure, eleven churches joined the association. 

  • In July 1998, the church mortgage was burned prior to Rev. Parker’s retirement.

  • In August, 1998, the Saint Luke’s church family mourned the death of Rev. LD Parker and the end of thirty-nine years of evangelizing God’s word through faithful preaching in and around the surrounding counties, cities and states.

  • A search committee was formed to seek the third pastor of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church.  Rev. Clifford Matthews was called as interim pastor.

  •  In May, Pastor Matthews was installed as the third pastor of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church.


2000 – To Present

  • Pastor Matthews accompany an envoy to Johannesburg South Africa in support of the International Children Outreach Ministries (ICOM).

  • Church gives dedication offering in the name of Rev. LD Parker for a church building in South Africa.

  • Pastor Matthews opened the church and members offered their home to host six children from the ICOM.

  • Pastor Matthews was first to open the pulpit to women ministers that had accepted the call to ministry in the fifty-five years of the church beginnings.

  • Pastor Matthews also set aside females to the Diaconate Ministry and began a tradition at Saint Luke for the first time in church history.

  • Rededicated the multi-purpose rooms as the LD Parker Fellowship hall.

  • Expanded ministries of the church to include the Bridge of Life:  HIV/AIDS initiative to train caregivers for those afflicted and affected with HIV/AIDS.

  • Generated a Seasoned Saints Ministry for the growing seniors of Saint Luke.

  • Re-established the HIV-AIDS ministry under the incorporated name “Bridge of Life.”

  • Established a Food Pantry with church member’s contributions to feed families in the church’s surrounding community.

  • Opened Druid Hills CARE3 Career Center to aid with resumes, mock interviewing, job search and education.

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