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Our Vision

St. Luke will be a place where worship is excellent, lives are empowered and love is for everyone.

Our Vision Becomes Reality

While thankful for our past, we as a congregation with faith embrace the future with a vision of what St. Luke will be.

It is our vision to become the best Church in our city, state, and country. Therefore, we will be intentional in our commitment to offer to our God and community, a worship service which is grounded in tradition, and filled with the Spirit.  No one should leave our worship without feeling that they have been in the very presence of God. 

We will be the premier Christian education center in our region.  We will be bold and go where few African American churches have gone before.  We will offer not just your run of the mill Sunday school and weekly bible study, but we will strive to develop in church and community, the mind of Christ.

We will be more than just a Sunday church.  Through our Good Samaritan Community Development Corporation, we will offer programs of empowerment and uplift for persons in our community.  We will impact the lives of children living in poverty and thereby offer them the opportunity to dream of a brighter future. We will support families in their efforts to be strong and take advantage of opportunities for success. We even dare to commit to being a partner in developing affordable housing options in the Druid Hills neighborhood and beyond.

Additionally, we will be bold in lifting up St. Luke as a place for everyone.  We will be a visible presence in our region carrying out the work of Christ and inviting others to know him.  Wherever communities gather, we will be there.  “All our welcome” is not just a catch phrase for us, but the core of who we are.  We will be a place of authenticity and transparency.  All families can expect to be greeted with unconditional love and invited to be at home. 

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